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Plumber Drain Cleaning Plumbing Services Lafayette, IN
Plumber Plumbing Services Plumbing in Lafayette, IN


We install a variety of excellent products for your home or business for a cost that won't break your budget. 


Plumber Drain Cleaning in Lafayette, IN

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Plumber Drain Cleaning Plumbing Repair Lafayette, IndianaPlumbing Services in Lafayette, Indiana

We understand money can be tight at times. That is why we provide great service at an affordable cost. Regardless of the plumbing repair you need, the money you spend will be worth every penny. We install a variety of excellent products for your home or business for a cost that won't break your budget. Allow us provide the safe and warm home you have dreamed of by contacting us. You can say goodbye to the old plumbing system causing trouble in your home. Call us today for a quote, and our experts will work with you to find a price that fits your needs.

Plumber Plumbing Repair Plumbers in Lafayette, IN

Lafayette, Indiana Plumbing Repair

With the weather constantly changing, it’s difficult to predict how your home will react. Don’t allow outside problems to cause damage to your plumbing. Our employees are trained to repair your leaky faucets, kitchen appliances, clogged drains, frozen pipes and even your sump pump- all the areas of your home and business the are affected by the elements. Small issues can turn into larger problems, but we can help.

All plumbing systems develop clogs at some point, and there’s no easy way to avoid it. We have proven methods that will dislodge almost any clog. Our experts are licensed plumbers who care about your home or business. We provide affordable plumbing repair that will leave your home better than new.

With the chilly winters expected throughout the country, frozen pipes continue to be a problem. The extreme cold creates a high risk for frozen pipes that cause expansion and blockage in the line. The excessive pressure throughout the system can lead to pipe failure, which can cause big problems. When these issues occur, you need to leave it to the professionals to help you prevent further damage. We use our specialized products to unblock your pipes, pumps and drains to keep your home or business functioning smoothly.


Plumber Tankless Water Heater Plumbers in Lafayette, IN

Bathroom Remodeling Plumbing 

Our highly trained and specialized staff works hard to help remodel your bathroom. We provide a bathroom that caters to your everyday needs, doing more than just replacing your fixtures and plumbing appliances. Instead, we work to develop a different design layout, relocating fixtures and even adding additional features, like a whirlpool.

We offer the materials you need to expand your bathroom and create the space you need. We design, makeover and reconstruct any structure or style that you want within your home or business. We work to ensure that your vision can work as we take you through each step. We work with you from evaluating the space, to making comparisons with other neighborhood bathroom features, to thinking about your future plans and how to budget. Make it the bathroom that you have always dreamed about. Contact us today to set up a meeting to begin the next steps towards your new, remodeled bathroom.


Plumber Drain Cleaning Plumbing Repair Lafayette, Indiana

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We offer a one-year warranty for our workmanship. Manufacturer's warranty is applicable when Schomers supplies the fixtures / equipment.

Plumber Plumbing Services in Lafayette, IndianaPlumbers Plumbing Services Plumbing Lafayette, INPlumbing Services Plumbing Repair in Lafayette, INPlumbing Services Plumbers Lafayette, INPlumbing Repair Plumbers in Lafayette, IN